Fridge magnets featuring bears, including brown bears, black bears, grizzly bears and Teddy bears, in the wild and anthropomorphic depictions (bears acting like people).

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Fridge magnet pictures 1930s children playing hospital with Teddy bear.
  Fridge magnet pictures vintage painting of 1930s children playing doctor with Teddy bear a..
Fridge magnet pictures growling angry looking bear
Refrigerator magnets picture the angry looking face of a growling brown bear.   ..
Fridge magnet pictures a family of bears
Refrigerator magnet pictures a mother bear and two cubs. ..
Fridge magnet picturing Teddy bear escaping from candle flame.
This fridge magnet pictures an old illustration by Frederick Cavally of a Teddy Bear leaping away fr..
Select from 13 Anthropomorphic Bear Fridge Magnets
This group of refrigerator magnets picture illustrations from a 1906-7 series, The Roosevelt Bears (..
Fridge magnet picturing dancing Teddy bear.
This fridge magnet pictures a dancing and marching Teddy Bear, featuring a vintage illustration by F..
Fridge magnet pictures Mid Century toddler girl with Teddy bear.
Fridge magnet pictures a toddler girl from the 1950s with a Teddy bear.  Curly blonde haired gi..
Close up on Face of Happy Brown Bear Fridge Magnet
Refrigerator magnets picture a happy looking brown bear. ..
Fridge magnet picturing antique bear wrestling train robbery poster
Magnet pictures an old theatrical poster for Scot Marble's 1896 play, The Great Train Robbery, featu..
Fridge magnet pictures 1950s advertisement for Morton Salt with 3 bears
Fridge magnet pictures three cute bears promoting Morton Salt in the fifties.  Luv this illustr..
Fridge magnet picturing Victorian child mothering Teddy bear.
Fridge magnet pictures a little Victorian girl in a nursery for toys, feeding her Teddy bear. ..
Refrigerator magnets picture 1903 Teddy Bears.
Pair of magnets feature the dramatic photography of Eric Long at the Smithsonian. H..
Fridge magnet features a pessimist optimist couple
Refrigerator magnet pictures two bears with a Yin Yang problem. ..
Fridge magnet pictures Smokey the Bear Fire Fighter
Fridge magnet pictures an old Smokey the Bear fire prevention poster. ..
Fridge magnet picturing Teddy bears and children at Christmas.
Refrigerator magnet pictures Teddy bears and children visiting a little girl at Christmas. ..
Fridge magnet picturing 3 Teddy bears in a tub gone to sea.
This fridge magnet pictures three old fashioned Teddy bears in a tub gone to see, featuring a vintag..
Refrigerator magnet pictures a bear with a personalized chalkboard.
Magnet pictures bear with olden days student chalk board on which message will be customized to suit..
Fridge magnet picturing Teddy bear sitting in old wood chair.
This fridge magnet pictures a Teddy bear sitting in an old wood chair, featuring a vintage illustrat..
Fridge magnet pictures cartoon woman capturing photo while bear threatens husband
Refrigerator magnet pictures cartoon of a woman capturing photo while bear prepares to eat her husba..
Fridge magnet pictures wounded Teddy bear with personalized get well message.
Refrigerator magnet pictures a Teddy bear with bandages and band aids with message that can be perso..
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