Frederic Remington White Horse Fridge Magnet Vintage Self Portrait

Fridge magnet pictures American artist Frederic Remington on horse
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This large magnet captures an 1890 self portrait painted by legendary American artist Frederic Remington (1861-1909) astride a white horse on a rocky hillside. As the man who for nearly two decades helped define the American West (1886-1908), the setting is most fitting. It does not accurately portray Remington in 1890, however, as age and weight had caught up with him by that time and he presented a more corpulent image. It depicts the Remington of his youth and as popularized by Harpers Weekly and Colliers magazines.

At an early age Remington determined that he was not sufficiently interested in wealth to motivate him to work to obtain it. Though life would disabuse him of the notion that he need not work, and he would in later life develop a shrewd business sense and capacity to merchandise his art, he did succeed in living a life filled with adventure and risk taking.

Upon first seeing this painting, I thought immediately of Teddy Roosevelt. 'Did a bit of reading and learned that Remington much admired Teddy and traveled with him as a New York Journal war correspondent in 1898 to the Spanish-American War and was contracted by Roosevelt's regiment to produce a bronze statuette (The Bronco Buster) as a gift for Roosevelt.

Magnet size: 3" x 5-3/8" (7.62cm x 13.66cm)

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