Chicken Rooster Duck Geese


2017 will be a fowl year according to the Chinese horoscope, with roosters and chickens rising.  Fridge magnets picturing barnyard fowls, including chickens, roosters, ducks and geese.    No charge for personalizing text or removing it altogether.

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Chickens and Roosters Pictured Set of 4 Fridge Magnets
   Set of four 3" x 3" square chicken and rooster fridge magnets designed to look thick..
Fridge magnet features diagram rooster anatomy
  Anatomy of a rooster on jumbo sized fridge magnet. ..
Fridge magnet pictures baby chicks
Refrigerator magnet pictures a pair of recently hatched baby chicks. ..
Fridge magnet pictures illustration of girl feeding white geese
This yellow, green and blue fridge magnet pictures a little barefooted girl with blond braids, feedi..
Fridge magnet pictures majestic looking rooster
Refrigerator magnet pictures a rooster in front of a barn.  If you would like to have the text ..
Fridge magnet pictures chickens and roosters in barnyard
Refrigerator magnet pictures chickens and roosters in barnyard. ..
Fridge magnet pictures an old fashioned barnyard scene with chickens and rabbits
Refrigerator magnet pictures 1913 Edgar Hunt (1870-1955) painting of hens, chicks and rabbits. &n..
Chickens and Roosters Pictured Set of 3 Fridge Magnets
Chickens, roosters and pigeons are featured on this trio of farm animal magnets. ..
Fridge magnet pictures woman feeding chickens and roosters in barnyard
Refrigerator magnet pictures illustration of young woman feeding chickens in the barnyard while litt..
Old fashioned illustrations of chickens and roosters pictured on four fridge magnets
 Set of four 2.5" x 3.5" chicken and rooster fridge magnets featuring old fashioned illustratio..
Refrigerator magnet set of 5 pictures chickens and roosters.
Set of 5 magnets picture chickens and roosters, babies and adults, bordered with colorful polka dots..
10 refrigerator magnets picturing farm animals.
Set of 10 refrigerator magnets picture farm animals, including rabbits, goats, chickens, roosters, s..
Refrigerator magnets picture the Metlox China rooster.
Metlox Poppy Trail Rooster Refrigerator Magnets Set. ..
Fridge magnets picture Plymouth Rock chickens
Refrigerator magnet picturing a vintage illustration of a Plymouth Rock rooster and hen. ..
Fridge magnet pictures animals during a flood trusting but verifying
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage illustration of a group of animals sharing a floating life ra..
Refrigerator magnets picture olden days illustration of rooster in farmyard.
Magnet pictures illustration from 1880s advertisement featuring a Wake Up rooster. ..
Fridge magnet pictures white ducks on a stroll
Refrigerator magnet pictures white ducks taking a stroll. ..
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