Black Field Spaniel Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures sweet face black field spaniel dog.
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Magnet pictures a black Field Spaniel.  Field spaniels are categorized as a rare breed with fewer than 300 puppies born a year in the US and UK.  That would not be the case if more people knew about their genial personalities and other great qualities.  Our Field was a delight in every way.  If you like spaniels and setters, the Field has many of other breeds best characteristics and is missing some of the behaviors you might wish to avoid.  All dogs are not the same, of course, but our Field was calm, totally housebroken from the first day we brought her home as a tiny pup, never showed an ounce of aggression and was not a chewer.  In fact, the only thing she ever ate that she shouldn't have was a hot dog she once nabbed off the picnic table -- to our utter astonishment because it was so out of character.  We had another dog who was the leader of the pair.  Despite our diligent efforts, the other dog was never housebroken but the Field did not follow her lead.  As to grooming, Fields do not have an undercoat or an huge amounts of hair, which helps keep  grooming from becoming a nightmare.  Wikipedia describes Field spaniels as "Adaptable, Cautious, Docile, Familial, Sensitive, Sociable" and our Field was all those.

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