Spaniel Breeds


Refrigerator magnets featuring American Water spaniels, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Clumber spaniels, Cocker spaniels, English Springer spaniels, Field spaniels, Irish water spaniels, King Charles spaniels, Papillon toy spaniels, Sussex spaniels and Welsh Springer spaniels.

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Fridge magnet picturing black cocker spaniel puppy
Magnet pictures a sweet black cocker spaniel puppy. ..
Fridge magnet pictures sweet face black field spaniel dog.
Magnet pictures a black Field Spaniel.  Field spaniels are categorized as a rare breed with few..
Blonde Cocker Spaniel Dog Refrigerator Magnet
Magnet pictures a blonde Cocker Spaniel dog.  When one is drop dead gorgeous, cute as a button ..
Refrigerator magnets picture a Gordon Setter and Pug dogs.
A painting of a Gordon Setter and a Pug are featured on this refrigerator magnet. ..
Refrigerator magnet pictures pair of King Charles spaniel dogs.
This large-sized refrigerator magnets pictures a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, one tri col..
Refrigerator magnet pictures a field spaniel with friendship verse.
This magnet pictures a black English Cocker Spaniel* with a bit of verse by Kahil Gibran that could ..
Refrigerator magnet pictures silhouette of setter dog
Magnet pictures a spaniel or setter with sentiment felt by dog lovers everywhere, "Home is where the..
Refrigerator magnet pictures cute cocker spaniel pup
Magnet pictures adorable cocker spaniel puppy peeking between stairwell rails. ..
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