Duck Pelican Flamingo


These fridge magnets picture wild ducks and geese, including mallards and swans, and other water-loving feathered varieties such as storks, pelicans, flamingos and cranes.

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Refrigerator magnets picture 1935 migratory bird stamp
This refrigerator magnet pictures a $1 migratory bird hunting duck stamp from 1935.   The ..
Fridge magnet pictures barefoot farm children feeding ducklings
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage illustration of barefoot farm children feeding ducklings. ..
Refrigerator magnet pictures a nesting loon.
Magnet pictures a nesting loon that has a different view of Walden's Pond than that presented by Dav..
Refrigerator magnet pictures a penguin.
Magnet pictures a blue pelican. ..
Fridge magnet pictures duck pond with Desiderata quotation
Magnet marries a rural pond scene with verse from Desiderata: Go placidly amid the noise and the..
Fridge magnet pictures swans in a pond
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage painting of swans in a pond. ..
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