Calico and Siamese

  Fridge magnets picturing calico and Siamese cats.  No charge for personalizing text or removing it altogether.

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Fridge magnet pictures lovely calico cat sitting pretty
Refrigerator magnet pictures lovely calico cat. ..
Home is where the Calico is Cat fridge magnet
This large new magnet pictures a calico cat with phrase, "Home is where the Calico is."  As alw..
Fridge magnet pictures a calico cat with space for personalized message
  Refrigerator magnet pictures a pretty Calico cat with space for a personalized message of ..
Refrigerator magnets picture a tiny calico kitten on a doorstep.
This magnet pictures an adorable calico kitten that should still be frolicking with its litter mates..
Fridge magnet pictures brown cat with big blue eyes
Refrigerator magnet pictures a blue eyed cat amidst the flowers.       ..
Fridge magnet vintage illustration peasant girl with kitten
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage illustration of a sweet peasant girl with her calico kitten.&..
Fridge magnet pictures a cat being scolded by little girl
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage illustration of a little girl scolding a calico cat. &nb..
Refrigerator magnet pictures calico cat helping near sighted artist
Calico cat helps near sighted painter. ..
Refrigerator magnet pictures Maneki-Neko Lucky Cat
Magnet pictures a lucky calico Maneki-Neko cat. ..
Fridge magnet pictures olden days painting of chef with basket of kittens
Refrigerator magnet pictures an olden days illustration of a chef with a basketful of kittens and pu..
Fridge magnet pictures peasant girls with kittens
Refrigerator magnet pictures two peasant girls with kittens. ..
Fridge magnet pictures peaking calico cat
Refrigerator magnet pictures peeking calico cat. ..
Refrigerator magnet pictures lovely long hair Calico cat
Pretty long hair calico cat has sea green eyes. ..
Refrigerator magnets picture silly Siamese cat.
Refrigerator magnet pictures a silly Siamese cat and expresses the sentiment of cat lovers everywher..
Refrigerator magnets picture funny Siamese cat.
Silly Sealpoint Siamese cat is pictured on this magnet. ..
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