Chatting Blue Footed Booby Birds Magnet What are they saying?

Personalized fridge magnets picture blue-footed booby birds
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This magnet pictures a pair of blue-footed Booby birds chatting it up, probably where they are protected, on the Galapagos islands (though a few have been spotted in California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico).   It's up to you to decide what they're saying.  If you prefer the one on the right to be doing the talking, or for both of them to be talking, just add instructions to your payment.

I think this is a male and a female, one young, one old.  The one on the right is likely an older male because the iris in his eye is more yellow than that of the bird on the left, who is likely young because if she were the same age as the male, she would be a bit larger than he is.

 If you're not familiar with Boobies, I urge you to check out Booby mating dance videos on YouTube.  I am humbled in realizing that nature came up with those giant blue feet without a bit of help from mankind, no animators or cartoonists, just nature being natural.

A Booby weighs about 3.5 pounds.  Because they dive for fish, their nostrils are permanently closed and they breathe through the corners of their mouths.

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